Monday, June 11, 2012

Recovery is slow

Sometimes I think Isaac will wake up talking... that's OK, it's something to shoot for.
Today happened to be one of those days where I needed to get some things done for him, paperwork wise, and it was stalling. Within two hours it was all fixed and we had services lined up for him.
We have started  a somewhat new protocol for Isaac. We have been doing 5mthf and it has helped somewhat. There is a group on Facebook that is helping encourage me, and giving me hope for him. They are treading this road too, and its a new path, at least for me.
At first we started off with 5  mg of dosing, and its been increased. The next step we have is a neurotransmitter test, and the great plains blood test should be back soon.
Next week I have to give Isaac a homeopathic remedy that will knock him out enough for us to get blood from him so he will not fight us.
Its not going to be pretty, I dread it, but it really needs to be done. This is the closest we have ever been at finding out what is going on inside his body.  He has high levels of mb12 in his body, but he can break it down, and we think that he needs methyl floated to be able to use it all in the methylation cycle.

Isaac was pushing around his shopping cart today putting things in it. This is a new task for him. He is more cuddly, he can communicate with pointing more easily, and he is letting us know when he wants to do things. He is improving everyday.
One thing we have noticed is that he is very sensitive to colors in foods, and processed foods. He acts bad after he has them. He compulsively wants to dump anything and everything.

Isaac does well on his ABA goals. He is smart. He learns. I feel confident that this is the path to recovery for him. Its a leap of faith, but I believe its Gods will to go down this road.

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